Leonora Wood
The Recipe

Leo Wood has been a freelance arts producer since 2008, primarily working on film and literature festivals and more recently in theatre. Leo has tended to work on international, politically engaged projects such as the Palestine Literature Festival and Africa in Motion film festival, and is currently working for new Scottish organisation Beyond Borders Productions, producing a festival including theatre performances, film screenings from small nations including Palestine, Georgia, Kurdistan and Zimbabwe in August 2010. Alongside her work for Beyond Borders Productions, Leo is currently producing a Jericho House production of The Tempest, which will be performed in association with the Barbican as part of their BITE season, and will tour for two weeks to Palestine and Israel in Autumn 2011. Other recent projects include producing a season of Werner Herzog films at pop-up venues and cinemas in London in Autumn 2009, and working with Jude Kelly at Metal to develop an art and gastronomy project in Spain, and taking a one-woman show to the Edinburgh Fringe. Prior to 2008, Leo assisted at arts festivals including the Harare International Festival of the Arts and Edinburgh International Festival.