Annie Fabricant
The Dream

Annie has always sought every opportunity to indulge her passion for art and in recent years has been a student at Heatherley's School of Fine Art and Prince's Drawing School in London. Annie likes to create large figurative works and portraits in oil paint and charcoal, but over the last year she has increasingly directing her attention to printmaking media. She currently works at 20 Hoxton Square Projects as co-editor of the bi-monthly newspaper, and assistant curator. Aside from, but not unrelated to, Annie’s interest in the human figure, psychology and movement that she explores through her art, Annie is fascinated by the mind-body connection. Earlier this year, she began her training with Polestar: an instructor course designed by physiotherapists that focuses on the reeducation of movement and the art of contrology. Annie has many long-term ambitions within the holistic health arena, however she is determined to maintain her art.