'At first she felt nothing. She had been distracted by a strangely familiar yet not quite recognisable sound - meat on a grill, water on a flame - so brief and surprising that she was momentarily oblivious to the villainous fangs that had harpooned her skin, shooting venom into her flesh.'

The pain, cloaked in shock, had disguised itself magnificently, but before long it crept out of the shadows and launched its attack.

Paralysis. Fire devoured her muscles before morphing into a cramping ache that strangled the nerves and froze the tissue.

Asphyxiation. Sand poured into her lungs, now hourglasses at the mercy of time.

Nausea. An army of antibodies fought to expel the poison.

Disorientation. Toxins coursed through her veins, turning the world upside down and taking her vision hostage.

Loss of hearing. A river of blood flooded her ear canal. Just before the door to the audible universe closed forever she heard what she now realised to be the distinct hissing of her tormentor as it slid away through the rushes.

That was the exact moment that Angela Rosalia began to live her life inside a glass bottle.

Illustrated by Juliet Pollock